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I'm an expat moving to Qatar for the first time. Where can I get information on life in Qatar?  More

You can also download our free Expat Guide to Living in Qatar from Here

Why should I buy in Qatar?  More

We simply believe 'why rent if you can buy'. Your rental expenses become someone else's savings - why not invest the money yourself? Choosing to own property in Qatar is a good investment vehicle, whether you to opt to live in the property yourself or rent it out. There have been many reports of expected increases in property prices in Qatar due to the FIFA 2022 World CupTM and the subsequent necessary developments to local infrastructure. While these reports may show varying facts and figures, what is evident is that people are feeling optimistic about the property market here. Sale prices and rental income are showing stability and growth within our specialised areas of Doha, assuring you of a positive return on your investment.

Where can I buy in Qatar if I am an expat?  More

You can currently purchase within two Freehold areas: The Pearl-Qatar and West Bay Lagoon (Legtaifiya); and two Leasehold areas: Lagoona Plaza (also known as Zig Zag Towers) and Lusail City.

I heard I can get a Residence Permit when I buy a property - is that true?  More

Yes you can apply for a residence permit when you are a homeowner. This is not a work permit but will allow you to live in the country without an employer sponsoring you. We have assisted several of our clients in this process; we can provide you with a list of requirements and fees upon request.

Can expatriates obtain mortgages?  More

Yes, you can apply to one of the banks here in Qatar. Property Hunter does not provide financial services, however can recommend banks and other financial institutions to offer advice where appropriate.

Should I contact my bank at the beginning or end of the purchase process?  More

We recommend you talk to your bank prior to the property search, as each bank has its own criteria for mortgage loans. Your bank will advise their requirements, and provide details of loan repayments and schedules.

How much deposit will I need to buy a property?  More

Again, each bank will have its own preference, but generally 30% of the purchase price is required.

What costs should I bear in mind when buying a new home?  More

We can provide a full list of fees and charges applicable to property purchase in Qatar, which generally include the price of your new home, ministry fees and other ancillary charges.

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